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Levitation isn't hard, but it requires a bit of practice and patience. Expect that it may take numerous attempts before you become a levitation master.

Before you start

Make sure the base is standing on a flat surface and that there are no metals or other magnets nearby - even a metal beam underneath a wooden table can interfere with the paroper functioning of the unit.

Keep in mind

After numerous failed set-up attempts the levitation circuit which is embedded with a safety feature will automatically shut off. You will notice it when the sphere fails to support its own weight. If this happens, simply unplug the device and wait 5-10 minutes. Plug it back in and try again.

First step

Carefully cut and remove the top and the bottom plastic tie wrap before plugging in your Story.

The red plastic wrap on levitating timepiece Story

Second step

Remove the cover sticker and plug in your Story cord. 

Plug the Story adapter into an electricity outlet.

The red cover sticker on levitating timepiece Story

All in one app

Expand Story’s timepiece features by downloading the app and customizing one of the three modes to control how you want to visualize and track time.

Phone app for levitating timepiece Story

How to video

Here's an instructional video that shows the setup process step-by-step. If you experience any problems with the setup, feel free to reach out to us by using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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