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Water Gong

Stand-Triangle-With-Gong-Front-Flyte-shadow (1).jpg__PID:da5e326c-6fe6-4ac9-9a13-cba288ac1e35

Lyfe Planter

Levitating planter Lyfe by Flyte, white cover base version with with white planter on a light background
Lyfe levitating planter, oak base on a light background

Buda Ball

Levitating sphere Buda Ball, walnut version, chrome sphere on a light background
Buda Ball levitating sphere, black base, gold sphere on a light background

Light Edison

Levitating light bulb Edison collection, oak wood base, golden cap bulb on a light background
Flyte levitating Edison bulb, oak wood cover base closeup on cable detail

Story Timepiece



Levitating pyramid Py with black base and gold top on a light background
Py levitating pyramid, black base, iridescent top on a light background

Arc Light

Arc Light and Arc Pendant on a light background
Close up of ultimate minimal LED bulb Arc on a light background

Py Crystal

levitating-pyramid-py-by-flyte-product-photo-on-grey-background-hover-final1-1660722535359 (1).jpg__PID:d887219d-f9f1-4d6b-99cc-858a34e92e79
Py levitating crystal pyramid, black cover base, clear crystal top

Refurbished Unit


Refurbished levitating timepiece and levitating sphere on a light background
Flyte Refurbished units, levitating sphere, levitating planter and levitating marconi bulb edition, all in a row on a light background

Replacements & Add-ons