Episode 2: Off the Ground

What is involved in the process of bringing a creative idea to fruition? And what keeps a creator going when frustrations or disappointments inevitably arise? In the second episode of our series, various creators consider these questions and tell us about the core lessons they've learned along their creative paths. 

In the first half of the episode, FLYTE co-founder Daniel reflects on the development of FLYTE and its roots in the crowdfunding community. His reflections are further developed by commentary from Stephanie Pereira, Kickstarter's Director of Creator Engagement, on the keys to taking a creative idea from a sketchbook on a bookshelf and turning it into reality.   

cmo flyte light levitatingbulb

flyte creative process


In the second half of the episode, makers and educators Paulo Barcelos and André Hostalácio discuss the value of surrounding yourself with community, the motivation of seeing others enjoy your work, and the courage required to face up to the challenges of the creative process.  



We hope this episode inspires you to consider what creative dreams you have waiting in files and journals and find your path to taking it off the ground!