BG, Ep. 4: Between the Earth and the Audience

Moon Ribas, a cyborg artist from Barcelona, creates works that meld artistic innovation and technological revolution. Initially drawn by a desire to feel movement in different ways during her university choreography studies, she has long sought to challenge the current confines of human perception as well as present understandings of our own senses.


Ribas has a magnetic implant in her own body that is connected to global seismic meters and allows her to feel, in real time, the earthquakes that shake and vibrate our planet every single day. Ribas' seismic implant plays a key role in her choreographed pieces, including Waiting for Earthquakes, a dance piece where her movement and dance are led by the Earth's own seismic activity. 

moon ribas waiting for earthquakes

As she puts it, her role in her dance is to mediate 'between the Earth and the audience', and bring to life the earthly movements that oftentimes remain imperceptible to our bare senses.