A Story about STORY

It’s countdown time to the global launch of STORY, the world’s first levitating timepiece.

Check out the reaction from our first Kickstarter backer who received a special unboxing visit from the Flyte team.

STORY is more than just a timepiece, it is a unique way to visualize time. By customizing STORY's orbit, you can choose to use it as a standard clock, a timer, or a countdown to any milestone event.  Count the hours, minutes, months or even years. It's up to you. 

So what’s the story behind STORY?

STORY was launched as a Kickstarter campaign in February 2017 but the concept was born years before from an simple question:

If time is relative, shouldn’t our clocks also be?

Einstein's theory of relativity states that time and space are not as constant as we think.

In fact, time can run faster or slower depending on how high you are and how fast you are traveling.

And so the idea of STORY was born, at the intersection of art, design, science and technology. 

STORY - worlds first levitating clock hanging on a metal wall

From Idea to Unboxing

As we gear up for the initial shipments of product to be released globally, we’d like to turn back the clock and to share with you our own journey behind the scenes into the creation of the world’s first levitating timepiece.

Early Sketches for futuristic watch from 2015

mold making process for the STORY levitating clock

Since 2015 Flyte has been creating unique levitating design pieces, such as FLYTE the levitating light bulb and LYFE the levitating planter. STORY is the next level of magnetic levitation technology, consisting of a levitating sphere moving through the air both horizontally and vertically. Developing this technology required the meticulous coordination among artist, designers and engineers.

When the campaign was launched in mid-February 2017, it was funded in less than 7 hours! We reached the thousand-backer mark shortly thereafter. It was amazing for us to have a campaign so rapidly funded and it gave us reassurance that our project was worth turning into a reality! 

We initiated contact with potential manufacturers and producers as soon as the campaign was fully funded. By August 2017, members of the FLYTE team had travelled to various countries to initiate the different aspects of production, including sourcing of materials and the building of pilot units.

FLYTE team in a visit to Amsterdam to showcase worlds first levitating watch STORY

 FLYTE on our first visit to Amsterdam for STORY

We continued to work steadily on STORY throughout the year. We made repeated visits to our manufacturers and initiated work on the app that  accompanies STORY.  

First peek at the app for futuristic STORY watch

 The first peek at the STORY app 

By 2018, we had pilot builds set up and much of our time was spent working out some bugs we found in our units. Some of these problems caused delays, which, while not ideal, we chose not to compromise quality over speed and the high standards we have set with our earlier releases.

Testing process for STORY levitating clock

First samples of levitating clock STORY hanging on the wall

  A wall of STORY!

Now we're relieved to be able to say that the item has been manufactured and the initial orders are on their way to our global warehouses.   

We're happy to be releasing a product that we are proud of and we look forward to releasing it very soon!   

Worlds first levitating clock STORY hanging on the wall with backlight turned on
Estimated Shipping Dates

Europe: Jan 2nd 2019
USA: Jan 15 2019
Rest of World: December 17 2018