2018: New Arrivals at FLYTE

Here at FLYTE we've kickstarted 2018 with new products, vibrant launch parties, and a crowdfunding campaign that reached its goal in less than 24 hours! We want to bring everyone up to speed on our newest inventions and what we've been doing for the past couple of months. 

To begin with, we have launched a new model of FLYTE. This model, named NIKOLA in honor of inventor Nikola Tesla, is the first FLYTE model to feature our brand-new MARCONI bulb. NIKOLA combines a Chrome-cap Marconi bulb with a classic Walnut base. 

The MARCONI bulb features our new, patented Lightguide LED with a warmer color temperature than earlier bulb models. This bulb emits a romantic, ambient light, without any of the cold glare or harshness of regular LED bulbs. 


To celebrate the occasion, FLYTE had a launch party at ImageHouse in Riga, Latvia, bringing together local artists and designers. 

For those readers who already own a FLYTE and want to change things up, we are offering the single MARCONI bulb for retail sale. For European customers, you are in luck, as we already have the item up for sale on our EU shop. Click here to find it!

For our North American and global customers, we eagerly anticipate having the item available in our US and global online shops in March 2018. 

We have also launched a grounded version of the bulb. Called ARC, the bulb features the same Lightguide technology of the MARCONI levitating bulb, but it can be used in any standard household lighting fixture. ARC is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, where it hit its base funding goal in less than 15 hours!

There are a limited number of pledges still available on Kickstarter, so we recommend jumping on the opportunity and picking up your very own FLYTE ARC to bring this cutting-edge bulb into your home!