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When you think tha nothing can surprise

Written by
susan cares


Whether it’s an upcoming birthday, a wedding or the hectic holiday season, for most of us, finding the best gift for a special occasion or a special someone gives a massive headache. It’s a relief if the person shares their wish list, but unfortunately, mostly that’s not the case; more often it’s a “has everything” or ”wants nothing” situation. So, you raid your memory and try to recall every conversation you’ve had for some hints for gift ideas. Which, from my personal experience, sometimes feels as fruitless as a search for the Holy Grail, and I end up buying something trivial. But recently I stumbled upon a company that seems to have solved this seemingly never-ending quest and offers products that might just be a good gift fit for anyone.

Flyte is a Swedish design company that makes levitating products. Yes, they float in the air, and honestly are quite mesmerizing to look at. So, without further ado, let’s dig into this world of levitation.

Levitation magic for everyone

Now there are 5 products available:
Flyte – a levitating lightbulb, Lyfe – a levitating planter, Story – levitating timepiece, Buda Ball – a levitating sphere.

The price range for these products varies from $139 to $799, allowing you to choose what fits your budget. Also, all products have plenty of color options, so you can find a fit for every interior.


More than just a lightbulb

Flyte levitating light, after which the company was named, is their first product. It comes with 2 different types of lightbulbs and two color options for bases.

With a brightness of six lumens, it could be labeled as “21st-century candlelight”. In the daytime it’s an eye-catching design element, in the dark hours it’s a perfect, rustic mood lamp. This could easily be the best “I didn’t know I needed this until now” gift, as hands down, almost anyone would be beyond excited to find it under the wrapping paper.  

Here are some reviews from verified customers I found on Amazon.

Some people reported that it takes time to understand how to set up the product, but once the bulb is floating, it steels all the attention. Also, it seems to be a great conversation starter and icebreaker.


A present for your favorite plant parent

If you’re looking for a gift for a plant lover, there’s a compelling alternative – Lyfe levitating planter. This 12-sided geodesic planter is suited for air plants or small plants (it can hold up to 270g). As it’s levitating, it also rotates giving the plant 360° of sunshine and you – an opportunity to view your plant from all angles.

Here's what people are saying about the planter on Amazon.

I learned that the planter tends to change the direction and speed of the rotation. But this unpredictability seems more like an added bonus, that doesn’t allow you to get bored with the product.


Something to calm your mind

There’s also Buda Ball – a levitating sphere. It rotates mid-air creating a time-stopping and spaced-out illusion. It’s a perfect décor for the (home) office desk (for those who want to update their “Newton's cradle” or are looking for a quieter alternative), bookshelf, or Zen corner.

The reviews on Amazon are reassuringly positive.

Besides the fact that it's an interesting decor, it really seems to have a calming effect on people.


Timepiece from the future

If there’s a bigger event coming up (wedding, anniversary, or milestone birthday), there’s the Story levitating timepiece. Minimalistic and elegant clock, where the hour/minute/second hand is a levitating sphere. You can control the clock via an app that is available both for iPhone and Android users. There you can change the sphere rotation mode, the color of the built-in backlight, or select the timer mode that will countdown time to some special event.

Some reviews on Amazon

One of the most popular concerns people have is the relatively high price. However, the customer experience shows that the product's uniqueness and its high quality are worth it and make it a wonderful gift.

How does
levitation work?

If you take two magnets together, they will attract or repel. But for them to actually levitate and defy gravity, you need a special configuration. It's composed not only of permanent magnets, neodymium magnets, rare Earth magnets, but also electromagnets. So it's this sort of intricate dance between pushing and pulling that creates an object that allows it to stay suspended in the air.

What is Flyte?

Company's founder Simon Morris has been passionate about levitation since childhood, so he transformed his childhood fantasies into a creative profession, sparking a levitation trend around the world.

Today, Flyte has grown from a small passion project into an award-winning design company who stand proudly behind a family of innovative and captivating products. They have made all their products via crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter, and after successfully completing all projects continues to sell them on their website.