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Gathering Table
Gathering Table

Gathering Table



Looking at daily objects from another perspective helps us to see things in a different light and opens up the path for novel ideas

Simon Morris, Founder of Flyte

Your favorite plant levitated

Bring some magic to the table and allow yourself to be mesmerized by smoothly rotating geodesic domes, enjoying your plants twirling in the air from every possible angle. The built-in Lyfe planters are best suited for air plants, but you can use them for any other small plants, as they can hold 270 grams.

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An ode to Craftsmanship

Flyte Table is a celebration of nature, craftsmanship, art, and science. Each table is locally handmade and built on demand. If you want to customize the size, please contact us beforehand.

Sustainably sourced Timber

We make our products with the environment in mind, so the product is built through responsible manufacturing. We use locally sourced and sustainably harvested timber from the Baltic forests.

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Wood finishes

The table top is made of ash, and you can choose from three different wooden finishes - natural, dark brown, or graphite. However, if you have something else in mind, feel free to contact us to discuss other options.

Support the original creator

Flyte is the original creator of the world’s first levitating light bulb. Our products hold a design patent and are marked with Flyte® Trademark. 

Quality and warranty 

All Flyte products go through extensive quality control and come with a warranty that we respect. 

Customer service

There's an actual human being behind our customer support, so you can get fast and professional assistance.

Green thinking

We also offer refurbished products for lower prices and plant 1 tree for every sale. 

Magic explained

Embedded within the base of the table is a set of electromagnets which are capable of levitating the planter in a steady state. 

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