Reseller Kit

Thank you for working with us! We hope this page provides you with all the information you need to drive up your sales and set the magic of FLYTE free!  

A Little About Our Products 

All FLYTE® products feature free-floating pieces, suspended in the air via the power of magnetic levitation. Our signature FLYTE levitating bulbs are powered wirelessly through the air via induction. Our low voltage, wireless power module is safe and harmless even with continuous usage.


Unique Selling Points of FLYTE

As a FLYTE reseller, you may want to know some of the facts that have made FLYTE a best-selling product! These ‘selling points’ are good to keep in mind:

  • The projected life expectancy of the FLYTE LED is 11 years, so there is no need to replace the bulb for a long time. Should the glass on the bulb break, we can replace the glass without needing to replace the rest of the bulb.  
  • Our products are efficient and have low electrical consumption. The electricity consumption of FLYTE is 4 watts with the LED on, and 0.5 watts with the LED off. The LYFE’s estimated electrical consumption is 2 watts.

Connecting LYFE / FLYTE

Check the following list of items included in each FLYTE kit to familiarize yourself with our packaging, then continue to our straightforward set-up instructions.

[parts diagram]



In-Store Display Tips:

We know from experience that when FLYTE products are properly displayed  they attract a lot of people. It’s important to keep in mind that FLYTE is a product that invites interaction. Accordingly, we recommend placing one or two units on a display where customers can directly experience the products, and perhaps even touch and interact with them under staff supervision. You might want to put a transparent glass or plastic box over them to keep any curious hands away when the units are not being supervised.

Mind the Height

The height at which FLYTE is displayed is key for drawing the attention of customers. We consider a good height for a FLYTE display to be approximately 140cm. This height is ideal as it's neither low to the ground nor so high up that it becomes challenging to appreciate the levitation. Being able to closely observe the units brings a lot of value to the product.  

LYFE - Not Just for Air Plants!

We really like Air Plants (Tillandsia), as they have an appealing look and are easy to maintain. Air plants simply grow on air and they do not need to be planted in soil. They only need to be sprayed with water once every couple of weeks in order to stay hydrated and healthy.  

However, you can actually plant anything you like in the pots. The pots themselves are waterproof and designed with a small reservoir at the bottom to mitigate against over-watering. We recommend lightweight plants, as the planter can hold max 270g. LYFE units tend to rotate more when they contain a smaller plant that creates less air resistance. From our experience, smaller succulents work great. If you wish to place a potted plant directly inside the levitating planter, the pot can be approximately 4.4cm in diameter and 5.0cm high.


Some Additional Tips

Receiving questions about the rotation of FLYTE?

The answer is that there is actually no mechanism or friction controlling the spin. As a result, the units spin freely in whichever direction they choose. We consider every unit to have its own distinct personality, and it’s normal for some units to rotate more than others.  

A similar principle holds for LYFE, although for these units the rotation can also depend on the weight placed in the vase. If a LYFE is not rotating, we recommend trying a lighter plant.