We are a small team of creatives, engineers, designers and artists who met in Sweden. Our goal is to create intelligent and inspiring products with the absolute WOW factor. 

With a background in branding, communication and product design, Flyte creates products and experiences that captivate the imagination combining vintage design with innovative techniques. 



Simon Morris - Founder / CEO
AKA "Magneto"

Simon plays with sound, matter and energy and their relationships with gravity to absolute wow affect. Projects such as Musique, Concrete (an interactive musical skateboard), Nike Air Max 1 Reinvented (a magnetically levitating Nike sneaker) and Invitation au Voyage (a magnetically hovering skateboard) are great examples of his game. In short, Simon has turned floating things in space into a beautiful profession. Simon is the inventor of Flyte 




Chris Higham - Co-Founder / CPO

Professional cinematographer / product designer, Chris wants to be an astronaut when he grows up. Roaming in space is in the blood. Dig into the roots of Higham’s family tree and you’ll find family member and famous astronomer Fritz Zwicky; renowned for his insane and spectacular theories like Supernova, Gravitational Lenses and Dark Matter.

We believe in inspiring people and getting inspired. We believe in creating stories and hearing them, imagining the impossible and make it real. We like traveling. We like discovery. We like play. 

Kickstarter Flyte - First backer Delivery 

Matt, a maker from Amsterdam was the first backer who pushed the green button during our launch on April 21st . As a thank you, we phoned Matt and told him we'll be arriving at his front door with a small surprise. 


Prototyping & getting inspired
It is in our company culture to take inspirational trips to places where we work isolated from a fast-paced life. Our last trip was in Bali planning and developing new prototypes.  Here is a sneak peek into our journey!