Refurbished Unit

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Flyte refurbished model is a 100% Flyte original that has been reworked and thoroughly tested to make sure it is fully functional and works as new. 

We like to think that each Flyte is unique, as it floats in the air in its own way. These are the Flytes that have been levitating in displays of museums such as MoMA in New York, been with us in M&O in Paris, NY Now in New York, Lisbon Fashion Week and other exciting events and exhibitions.

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Visual Details

The functionality of a refurbished Flyte unit is the same as it is for a new Flyte. Our Flytes are guaranteed to levitate no matter what. Refurbished units might have a small imperfection here or there, but never in a way that compromises the overall aesthetic look of the unit.

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Technical Details 

Includes magnetic base, lightbulb and AC Adapter.

No batteries required.

Lifetime: 50 000 Hours
Efficiency: 16Lm/W
Max Brightness: 60 Lumens
Power Adapter: 15 Volts 
Global Voltage Compatible: 100 - 240V

Usage: Indoor Use Only
Weight of Base: 500 grams / 1.10 Pounds
Base Dimensions: 126mm x 126mm x 30mm ( 5 in. x 5 in. x 1.2 in.)

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How to

Levitation requires a bit of practice, so don't get frustrated if it takes several attempts to learn how to set it up.

With the right technique, setting up your FLYTE can take as little as a few seconds. Now that's magic!